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I started Moving Forward in February of 2014. Since then, my company has facilitated over 350 moves. It is our ability to connect on a personal level with the seniors we work with that gives us the greatest satisfaction.

Imagine if you will how difficult it is for you to part with your favorite shirt or picture? Think about years of memories in a home where you raised your children and had multiple birthday parties, holiday events and graduations? I go into a home and not only hear the stories but also see the memories when the homeowner shows me the wall where their children stood being measured from baby to the age of 18. I listen to the description about the tree that was planted in the front yard when they brought home each of their children. Images of children playing on the tree swing come to my mind while the parent/s eyes light up and then sadden knowing they have to move.

How do you pack those memories? How do you bring that to your new home? Very often our clients are moving to Independent Living Communities and/or Assisted Living Communities with smaller spaces then their current home. I have had to be very creative with ideas on how to do just that, and bring those memories with them into their new space.

When I do an initial home visit I learn so much about the family and the dynamic of their relationships. I know I am a stranger in their environment but in the same regards they are looking to my expertise to guide them and reassure them. It is extremely important to me that they know how much I cherish their memories and their belongings as much as they do.

What I bring through my Company, Moving Forward, is a sense of direction, calm and confidence, to what in the beginning seems overwhelming but becomes attainable.

Marianne Gariti
President and Owner of Moving Forward

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